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Hello Dear readers,
If you are here, it means either you - TV wizard to find the entrance to the
TV service mode, or very curious Internet users.
If you are not an expert, I would not advise you to seize control with the intent to correct all the better for your favorite TV.
Most likely, you will spoil, and even completely ditching the TV, and in some modern TVs can select the type of control so that the TV will not be controlled from the remote
. Therefore reassure myself that an experienced TV technician
refers to the service mode with respect, and it is better not climb.

* * *

And now:

What is the service menu

In modern TVs all major adjustments both operational and factory, made with help remote central control processor.
The electrical circuit of the control unit consists of a central microcontroller (CPU), a remote control (remote control receiver control), keyboard control unit, display unit and an external storage chip.
The main control unit is the central microcontroller, which aims to get the signals and data, process them, and send to the slave manageable blocks. Slave units can be different specialized LSI (controller sweep, sound, video controller, and so on).
Communication between the host processor and the slave unit is done through a single digital control bus.
External commands go to a central controller with a remote control, and they are first decoded at the receiver-decoder control or the television (TV keyboard).
The display unit is used to indicate different modes of operation of the unit, providing control of these modes when adjusted.
Display system is in the form of digital indicators or goes directly to the display device (OSD - On Screen Display, that display on the screen).
Stored in a memory chip mounting some constants (data). Moreover, some data are unchanged and locked with setting up the factory.
These data are necessary for normal operation of the TV and they are not visible to the consumer, because the loss of this data will lead to loss of control of the machine. Access memory such data is possible only in so-called service or production mode.

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